Can You Escape Level 6

by Pardeep on June 29, 2013

Can you Escape is a puzzle game on iOS and Android. The purpose of the game is to get out of the rooms by solving the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to move forward to the next floor.

Can You Escape Level 6-1

Can You Escape Level 6 Walkthrough:
Look at the wooden open cabinet next to the cactus.
Change the numbers and solve the puzzle.
12 x 14 = 168
6 x 2 = 12, 2 x 7 = 14
3 x 2 = 6, 1 x 7 = 7
Tap the tan board below it to open it and take the blue ball weight.

Can You Escape Level 6-2Zoom out one screen and take the yellow car jack underneath Can You Escape Level 6-3

Look at the pot and plant in the lit up box in the wall and take the car jack part (a stick).

Can You Escape Level 6-4

Combine the car jack parts in your inventory and use it on the car. Pick up the red ball weight
Can You Escape Level 6-5

Look for the 4 hidden colored numbers in the room:
Yellow 2 = on the green gecko wall decoration
Red 6 = under upside down bowl on top of safe
Green 6 = “LVL 6″
Blue 2 = tap white square behind lit up pot and plant
Enter the 4 numbers in the safe: 2662 then tap the handle.
Take the green ball weight.
Can You Escape Level 6-6

Hang all 3 weights in the corner.
Tap under the bull horn and open the cement board and take the key.
Can You Escape Level 6-7

Use the key in the keyhole to the left of the elevator.
Can You Escape Level 6-8

Can You Escape Level 6 is completed next to Level 7

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