Can You Escape Level 9

by Pardeep on June 29, 2013

Can you Escape is a puzzle game on iOS and Android. The purpose of the game is to get out of the rooms by solving the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you have to use in the rooms in order to move forward to the next floor.

Can You Escape Level 9-1

Open top drawer in the corner and pick up the purple light bulb. Can You Escape Level 9-2

Tap the white red and yellow egg to open it, then take the silver key inside. Can You Escape Level 9-3

Open the black and yellow cabinet and put the puzzle together Can You Escape Level 9-4

Move the newspaper when the door opens and take the green keycard Can You Escape Level 9-5

Look at the plates on the table and remember the colors:
Blue Red Green Black Orange Can You Escape Level 9-6

Place the purple lightbulb into the lamp in the corner. Turn it on.
It will show a pattern on the wall:
XOX Can You Escape Level 9-7

Can You Escape Level 9 Walkthrough:
Look at the box under the lamp and use the clues you just found to open it.
XOX, where X means you press that wooden circle button.
Colors are: Blue Red Green Black Orange
Take the blue keycard. Can You Escape Level 9-8

Look for the colored numbers around the room:
Blue 3 on the purple chair
Orange 8 on the sphere on the top cube shelf
Green 9 above the elevator
Red 4 by moving urns/pots next to elevator.
Go to the tan box next to the guitar and enter the colored numbers:
Green 9, Red 4, Orange 8, Blue 3
Take the screwdriver. Can You Escape Level 9-9

Look at the almost empty wall. Tap the chair to move it.
Tap the small square vent up high on the wall.
Remove the screws with the screwdriver. Can You Escape Level 9-10

Use the silver key in the keyhole to stop the fan, then take the red keycard Can You Escape Level 9-11

Look at the hearts next to the guitar and move the big one. Remember the colors:
white blue red white yellow green Can You Escape Level 9-12


Can You Escape Level 9 is completed next to Level 10

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