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Top 12 Best Firefox Add-ons in 2016


1. Collusion

Allows you to envision which websites ar victimization third-party cookies to trace your movements across the net. It shows, in real time; however that knowledge creates a spider net of interaction between firms and different trackers.

2. URL Fixer

Corrects typos in urls that you just enter within the address bar. As an example, if you kind Google.con, it’ll correct it to (asking initial, if you change confirmation). One reviewer of this add-on says it’s a “huge time saver” — and WHO doesn’t have to be compelled to save time?

3. PearlTrees.

Collect, organize and share everything you prefer together with your new visual and social library. Pearl trees’ distinctive visual interface allows you to have all of your interests at hand and evokes you with other’s collections.

4. TwitBin.

It permits you to stay up with all of your Twitter conversations right from your browser sidebar. Send messages; receive messages, share links, and more

5. Memonic Web Clipper,

Which allows you to capture content snippets on any page and select sections of internet sites to avoid wasting, share and see friends, keep over simply links: Save the essential content snippets and use them on any pc or mobile. Memonic combines the benefits of bookmarks together with your non-public on-line notebook.

6. 365scores Notifier

Lets you get all the scores, updates and different info regarding your favorite groups in real time.


7. Do Not Track Plus

Firefox already encompasses a feature known as don’t Track, that permits you to inform Websites to not track your on-line activity.

8. Cheevos for Firefox

Want to be told regarding Firefox and brag to your friends regarding your pro-level net surfing? May’s add-on alternative Cheevos for Firefox— gets you there. With this add-on you gain achievements for victimization Firefox, whether or not it’s finding hidden Easter eggs among the merchandise, or taking advantage of the ability of the browser. It makes victimization the net a lot of fun.

 9. Tab Badge

Which gives AN alert on anyone of your open tabs lease you recognize once there’s one thing new thereon page.

10. Fabtabs 

It was an enormous hit with Firefox users. By taking atiny low screenshot of the web site you’re presently viewing, and scheming the foremost unremarkably used color from that screenshot, fabulous Tabs tries to require the one essential color from the web site and apply it to the tab to not solely makes your tabs look fabulous, however to assist you navigate your tabs visually.

11. All-in-One Sidebar.

It allows you to open numerous windows as sidebar panels, and quickly switch between them to place an finish to the window chaos! Additionally to bookmarks and history it opens dialogues like downloads, add-ons and a lot of within the sidebar.

12. LastPass Password Manager

It manages passwords for sites you visit to create browsing easier and safer. as a result of WHO will keep in mind all those passwords?

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