Google Releases Android 5.1 Factory Images for Nexus Devices

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Android 5.1 Factory Images for Nexus Devices

Few months recently, Android 5.1  rumors were already doing the rounds with the web, and mentions of the USB ports are already produced by Google, Samsung and also Motorola, without almost any particulars. Two mobile carriers the United States of America have also produced its lifetime plain. While Sprint shortly removed reference to the Android 5.1 replace about its support pages with April, T-Mobile has announced it can be started rolling out the Operating system some. 5.0 revise for you to Nexus some, Nexus 5 and also Nexus 7 (2015) gadgets in Monday.

As seen with previous change logs, the Android 5.1 update is the incremental revise from Android 5.0 as well seeing that brings security innovations and different pester fixes, as for every the support website. The new update is approximately 54MB in space and is available OTA (over-the-air) with regard to T-Mobile Nexus consumers.


Further, Google is thought to bring few more fixes using its new Android some. 5.1  update such as fixes for data connection damage, randomly reboots, missed phone calls and various digicam bugs. In addition to existing bug fixing, the Operating system 5.1  is thought to not bring anything new in relation to features and UI interface.

One while using major fixes how the Operating system 5.1 update is supposed to bring is the ‘mm-qcamera-daemon‘ crash. Previously, the Nexus 5 smartphone was noted to have a new battery pack empty issue, which Google claimed was as a result of high CPU using the ‘mm-qcamera-daemon’ practice that generated the battery dying previous to expected.

A previous report citing solutions suggested that Main system 5.1  were in the process of the do-gooding phase, and Google had trained with to at least one percent of its personnel.

Through the dogfooding stage towards release, the Main system 5.1 update have travelled quickly and should be thought to roll-out the same solution to additional users. Recently, a study even suggested that Samsung are already testing the Operating system 5.1 type on it is Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 LTE alternatives, according to released official file.

Download Android 5.1 factory images for All Nexus devices Here

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