Google Zero Gravity Trick & Secret Pranks (Top 5)

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Google Zero Gravity Trick & Secret Pranks (Top 5)

As we all know that Google is the most and top Rated Search Engine so far in today Internet world. Google from I’s birth is being providing spectacular services and till it is the most wanted and so far the best in its quick search results and various alternatives with quality search results. I am here today just not to give you introduction of Google and it’s quality of results but today I am here to tell you something amazing, from your readers might someone know or might non know.

Today I am going to share you some amazing and astonishing tricks and pranks from Google Zero Gravity, which is most popular and most recognized prank so far from Google, today I am going to share the top 5 most wanted and interesting tricks of all time from Google Zero Gravity Tricks and Pranks.

So let’s gear up and see what this is all about.

Inversion Mirror + Zero Gravity

Google search Google’s home page can be the other way up like you’re seeing it in a mirror. It can be done easily and jointly with inversion mirror consequence you’ll also see different parts of the Google home page falling down like there is no gravity over the internet.


To perform this type of trick & prank you’ll desire to follow the link mentioned on the title above and also you’ll end up being encountering Google zero gravity influence.

Link: Here

Zero Gravity

When you don’t want the mirror inversion effect for want the zero gravity that will put on the Google search site then you simply need to follow the link mentioned in the title and you’ll be watching Google web site elements going down like there’s no gravity.


My best part in this unique trick is any time the top dark bar actions down and relax randomly.

Link: Here

Zerg Rush

What about removing all this article and element received from Google and lining up skin color ‘0’s in a unique form in the center? This is exactly what Zerg Rush is able to do.

Search ‘Zerg Rush’ on Google seo and you’ll start to see the magic in the results. This one can be my best Google Zero gravity strategy.



This specific trick won’t supply complete zero gravity feel but it really will slightly tilt the particular search engine’s web page. You’ll see aspects and issues within slightly tilted way and for that reason, why this trick is referred since Tilt.

Simply research Google with ‘Tilt’ keyword and you’ll practical knowledge a tilted Google.

Google Sphere

Last and the least remaining Google Zero Gravity trick and prank is Google Sphere and it’s one the people voting favorite.


Follow the url mentioned then you’ll chose the many elements on the Google to reform in a really sphere. The best part is that you may still use every feature of Bing but now you must find a particular feature inside field.

Link: Here

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