How to Block incoming Calls on Nokia Lumia

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Block incoming Calls on Nokia Lumia

A full new update from Nokia to help its Lumia series allows users to set phone numbers using a “blacklist.” The blacklist is shown to filter out all the calls and SMS from that one number. The users are not really bothered by individual’s numbers again. So now people can easily block incoming calls on Nokia Lumia Smart phones.

Governments across the world have a very registry of a “Do not really callfacility. The users registered with this particular facility are not allowed to become called for commercials or marketing activities. The users have “opted out” linked with such advertisements. But over and over people registered with this particular facility do find annoying calls besides SMS from companies. A call block facility is crucial for some comfort in this example.


Stalkers’ and irritating friends’ phone numbers also are put on the blacklist along with the adventures sort can certainly add their boss’s number when using the a holiday.

Now it won’t be question anymore that how tmo block incoming calls on Nokia Lumia. The update is section with the “extras and info” app and will be downloaded through the Windows Phone store. The latest replace from Microsoft is going to be needed for this feature to operate. Currently only your Lumia 625, Lumia 925 besides Lumia 1020 can certainly acquire this characteristic.

To use the feature, a user can demand calls history page and long tap about the number they wish to add to your Blacklist and choose “block number.” The user will not receive a call or TXT from that number again.

The blocked numbers can be looked at and managed within the “call and SMS filter” file beneath settings menu. The user could also find out the volume of calls and SMS manufactured by the blocked number. The user can would like to remove the blocked numbers by means of this menu. The user can would like to block all calls and SMS for a “private” number. “Private” numbers can be used to create promotional calls.

The filter may very well be switched on or maybe off of, as per the needs with the user. For instance the person could put all office related calls concerning the blacklist and switch it on when utilizing a holiday. The consumer might have a notification activated for just about any call or SMS at a blocked number. The update for ones remaining Nokia Smartphone to enable the “blacklist” characteristic is expected right away. So this was all about how to Block Incomming calls on Nokia Lumia hope you enjoyed reading this.

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