How To Delete and Stop Syncing All Google Plus Contact from Android

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Delete and Stop Syncing All Google Plus Contact from Android

In this post in will explain to you how to stop Syncing all phone to data to google plus through Android. When you authorized your Google android phone to be able to synchronize with Google Items: Gmail, Google Plus, and Google pictures, then you might have all your Data either synced online or on the Android. This feature is placed by default brand-new Android. –Galaxy -S2/S3/S4, Nexus, Htc additionally android tablets. And so on… The major good reason that people disabled Google through syncing Google Plus contacts is usually to free up spaces (MB) and likewise hassling. When Google is frequently syncing your recent Google plus make contact with the synced your complete Google Plus organizations, this means should you have 2000 people inside your circle then you want 2000 Contacts inside your Operating system Mobile phone. This caused plenty of Problem scrolling right through to find who you would like, especially when almost all of the Google additionally make contact in addition to are inactive.

To prevent and stopSyncing A lot of Google Plus Call from Android it’s always best to first disabled syncing through Google Plus.

Here are the steps

  1. 1st go to Settings in the menu bar and the navigate to Personal section
  2. Click on Accounts and sync
  3. Now select those things which you wan to sync or which you don’t want either you want to completely disable it then select all
  4. Now it is disabled


This is what you had to do just disabling the settings and issue is solved but if everything is uploaded in a bulk how would you delete it? Follow the following instructions.



  1. Go to Google Play Store and Download Mass Contact Delete from Here:
  2. After getting it download it and install it
  3. It will ask you for security ok them all and let it install after installation wait for the settings it will make
  4. After the all settings are setup open it and select Google Play contacts and Press or check to all
  5. After that all Contacts will be deleted.

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