How to Download Google Drive – Install Google Drive

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How to use Google drive/ Download Google Drive 

Google Drive 

It’s really hard to keep a copy of every important file you have in each and every device you own be it your pc, your Mac, mobile phone or tablet. Google drive is a place where you can place all your important data be it files, photos or music and access it from any of the device you want whenever you want. Other then this as this is owned by Google, it enables you to create and collaborate spreadsheets, documents as well as presentations. Another interesting feature of Google drive is its search and filter options making it easier to find files by key word and different file types. It also enables recognization of scanned documents by optical character recognization and searching images by the help of image recognizer.

It is very simple and easy to download Google drive to your Mac or pc. All you need to do is follow following steps.

Creating Gmail Account

First of all make sure you have a Gmail account. If you don’t have one you can create it for free by clicking on this link.

Below given window will open. Fill in the information and click sign up.


Downloading Google drive

After creating the account go to following link and below given window will open.

gmail 1

Now click on ‘download Google drive’. This will direct you to a window asking for your Gmail ID and password. Sing in through your Google account and keep in mind that this will be the id with which your Google drive will be associated in the future.

gmail 2

Now open ‘googledrivesync.exe for your pc and ‘installgoogledrive.dmg’ for your mac for automatic installation of Google drive. Following window will open

gmail 3

Launching of application

After completely following the instructions for the installation of Google drive it’s time to launch the application. For launching Google drive in your computer, go to start menu and drag files and folders to the application. In Mac the Google drive is launched from the tool bar.

How to use Google drive

Using this application is also quit easy. First of all sign in to your account now you can either upload the files directly from your device of create the files in the application. Click on the red button marked ‘create’ to design new files or click on the arrow beside to upload the files.

gmail 4

Grid and list patterns of the drive can be choose by clicking the button on upper right corner next to the gear icon.


All the files and folders can be browsed from the ‘my drive’ option. All the shared files are presant in ‘shared with me’ while ‘starred’ holds all of your important files.

gmail 5

Download files manually

Even when you are automatically synchronizing with Google drive you can directly download the individual files to your computer. To do so check all the items you would want to download then open the drop down menu marked ‘more’ then click on ‘download’. Then select file format of your choice and click ‘download’.

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