How To Download Paid Windows Phone 8 Games & Apps Free

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Download Paid Windows Phone 8 Games & Apps Free

In front of android phones now a day’s phones having windows 8 seems dull as it lacks may features and all the good games and apps are paid. Not anymore. Here in this article we will learn how to download paid windows phone 8 games and apps for free. Android phones have .apk files in the same way windows phone 8 have .xap format and free downloading can be done by side loading method.

Windows Phone 8 Games and Apps

Some of the paid windows phone 8 games and apps worth mentioning include ‘Battleloot adventure’ in which you can make an army and fight against soldiers, foul-smelling Orcs and magical creatures to save your city. This game is equipped with rewarding weapons and thrilling adventures.

Games & Apps

‘Cut the rope’ is another interesting game in which you get to do serious of experiments on Om Nom with the help of many scientific equipments and find hidden prizes to cross the levels.

Games & Apps

‘Angry birds’ the survival of angry birds is at stake on the hands of greedy pigs as they have stolen bird’s eggs. Each bird with its unique powers attacks the pigs to destroy them.

Games & Apps

‘Rowi’ is a perfect application for the tweeter users. With it you can, not only post and manage tweets but can also log in on multiple twitter accounts at once. With the help of this application you can also translate your tweets with Bing.

Games & Apps

‘Photosynth’ is an app for capturing panoramas which can easily be shared on social networking site s such as facebook, twitter etc.

Games & Apps

Nextgen reader’ is a user friendly application which enables a person to read news without any interference. This app also allows saving your favorite articles for your later, offline reading. You can mark the already read items and can even share your favorite ones on facebook and twitter.

Games & Apps

All these awesome windows phone 8 games and apps can be easily installed on your phone without any charges.

Searching the Required Windows Phone 8 Games & Apps

First of all go to Google and type xap files. Multiple options will show up select the suitable one and download your desired application on our pc.

Copping the Application on Your Phone

Next connect your windows phone 8 to the pc through USB data cable and copy the downloaded app to your phone, either in the micro SD card or directly in the phone memory.

Downloading Application in the Phone

Now disconnect the phone from pc and follow the given instructions to download windows phone 8 games and apps. Go to menu and then store where you can find the option of SD card and phone memory. Open the folder where you have saved the xap file. Click on the file and it will automatically install in your phone. Be wear that updating windows phone 8 games and apps installed by this method will downgrade it instead to the trail version.

Download XAP files: Here

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