How to Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 (Death) 2016

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Fix Blue Screen Error in Windows 7 (Death) 2016

Are you experiencing Windows 7 blue screen error with your laptop or computer’s desktop? Violet screen problem, also known because “blue screen of death” or “stop error” is usually a serious problem that will need your Windows main system to totally quit. Basically, this error is a result of a hardware as well seeing that driver problem. While this error is obtainable, BSoDs typically displays a stop code that states the cutting edge cause of the condition. Here are ideas on the obvious way to fix blue monitor errors:


Solution 1: In case your computer restarts after the blue screen problem displays, most likely, your pc is infected using a virus. Scan your pc with your antivirus software package. There are viruses that trigger blue screen error especially those capable to infecting boot significant and learn footwear records. Scanning helps throughout removing malware in your computer and repairs the violet monitor error.

I suggest using bit defender together with Norton

Download Bit defender: Here:

Download Norton: Here:

Case two: Did you install a new program or possibly a new hardware just before Microsoft windows 7 blue screen error happens?

Solution 2: When you encounter a violet screen error/screen of death in your win 7 together with windows 8, first thing that you simply do is to remember way back when action you built before the Windows computer encounter any violet screen problem. Sometimes, adding a fresh hardware or software with your desktop may affect your main system which is the main cause the answer why you encounter any blue screen of death. Maybe to solve the trouble, you ought to uninstall this software you previously mounted. Go to Handle Panel > Plans > Programs and features >select the last computer software you mounted and click uninstall. Restart your PC. If the problem still exists following uninstalling previous software package or even hardware, you might restore your pc from last recognized good setting.


To do this, Go to Handle panel >System and Security > Activity Center > click on Recovery >Open System Restore>select something restore point. Restoring your pc will let you roll back your pc in order to its past good configuration. This system erases all your own earlier installed applications and rolls here we’re at its last very beneficial performance.


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