How to Fix Godaddy Ftp Error:Could not Connect to Server

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Fix Godaddy Ftp Error:Could not connect to server

Ftp Error: Could not Connect to server is a trendy problem that’s been under process with godaddy much time ago but this is yet not over. The condition why many people are getting this error may very well be because of disabled or unallocated DNS. Normally DNS will likely be reset automatically by Goddady bankruptcy lawyer vegas website when decrease or your host cannot connect with your website. However, a site that’s under construction or inside maintenance mode. Godaddy will disable DNS within the website until your website can be public towards Users.

Now let’s think out how to skip this Ftp Error: Could not connect to server error and regenerate quality hosting or network on Godaddy.


The best solution to Ftp Error: Could not connect to server

  1. Login to your Godaddy Account and open home page
  2. Under server details at the right column
  3. Now go to DNS review where the actual work is
  4. Click on Preview
  5. Now enable the selection
  6. Now try it again as you wanted

This will hopefully solve your problem.

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