How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Keeps Shutting Down

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Fix Samsung Galaxy S3 Keeps Shutting Down

Since, Samsung Galaxy S3 is Launched Users are mainly facing a lot of problems which are big headache to them. However, Many Problems but one of the main issue they are facing is that Samsung Galaxy S3 automatically Shut Down? That’s really a Big Issue, It means when it shuts down you can’t receive any kind of call, message etc. This issue come up after the six months when Samsung Galaxy S3 Launched. Many People think that whether their Smartphone has been damaged or any battery problem. NO! That’s not the problem what are you thinking off! .Now How this problem occurred? Android 5.0 Launched by Google, Many people installed it and they are the one who are facing this problem. According to the report this problem has been occurred by any software update.

So if you are the one facing this problem so follow the steps below given by us. You will easily get rid of this problem:


How To Solve Galaxy S3 Shutting Down Problem

We have come up with some solutions which you must try, can easily solve this issue:

  1. Take out your battery from your phone and then put it inside after half an hour may be your problem solves.
  2. Then Open your Galaxy S3, your problem will be solved if doesn’t then go for Other solution below:

The Second Solution

  1. See the home screen there you will see menu button click it. Then click on settings button, where you will see about phone click it.
  2. Then Check for any software update if any so update it immediately. May be this solution can solve the problem. If not solved still go for third solution below:

The 3rd Solution

  1. Do Factory Reset your phone but don’t forget to save all contacts, emails, apps etc on another device. Factory Reset will erase all data from your phone. Backup all data and after factory reset restart your phone.
  2. Restarting phone then you will see clean up phone no data at all. May be this solves your problem

Try all three solutions; Your problem will be solved easily, If not then contact Samsung Support. Because then your phone will be having another big issue.

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