How to increase iPhone Battery time, increase iPhone Battery Life

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How to increase iPhone Battery time

The biggest advantage of the advancement technology is the easiness, things have become as simple as never before. It’s not an old matter that landline phone was considered as very technological device and whoever had that phone was known as a rich person in the society. But now time has changed, it’s the era of the magic and mystery. Therefore instead of phone with messy wires, now smart phones are the priority of every person. Even kids to the senior citizen everyone is fond of smart phones. Whenever smart phones are discussed then it’s unfair to forget pioneer smart phone and that is iPhone.


The iPhone is  a stunning device, it has magnificent features that add bring more fun, pleasure and entertainment in the user’s life. iPhone is booming in popularity just because of the functions and spectacular applications it has to offer. It is a hot favourite of the business class and the students who utilize according to their requirements. But like all other smart phones lifespan of the battery is the main issue, sometimes it is hell annoying. Compared to the old business class favourite; BlackBerry, iPhone’s battery life is far from comparable. If you travel constantly then ofcourse battery timing ca become an issue and it’s really disturbing that every time you charge your phone you need to stop your work if you are an entrepreneur or businessman. Thus here are some tips which will help you in resolving the battery time matter.

Tips will extend battery time of iPhone but you don’t need to bother unless you have the issue. These tips will at least save up to 30% to 60%  battery and this will help those who are involved in multi-tasking.

  • Adjust brightness

There is an ambient light sensor in the iPhone, this actually adjust the light of the screen according to the surroundings it means darker in the dark and bright in the bright light. Thus choose the option of the Auto-brightness this will save your battery as your screen will utilize less power.

  • Turn off blue tooth and 3G/4G

Blue tooth is wireless networking and its is useful when connecting the earpiece, so wireless transmission of the data use the battery also. 3G and 4G function let the user have speedy cellular networking so it’s not surprising that it requires more battery. Switching off both of these functions will reduce excessive battery usage.

  • WI-Fi and the battery

Always retain your WI-Fi turn off as this is the high speed network so it requires more power than 3G and 4G.

  • Disable  location services

Turn off your locality services it is the good general principle for conserving the battery only turn it on when you require it.

  • E-mails

Always check your emails manually, push e-mail is one of the causes which results in the battery drain, just set up your account and receives the emails manually.

  • Updating software and aeroplane mode

Check your software update details regularly because it contains fixes that increase battery life. And in some situation when you don’t need to make or listen call then put your phone on the aeroplane mode this has the capacity to save battery.

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