How to Print Screen on a MAC, 3 different ways to capture Screen Shot on a Mac

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How to Screen Shot on a mac

What is called “Print Screen” within the Windows world is named screen captures or screen shots in MAC OS X. You’ve most likely noticed  there’s no ‘Print Screen’ button on a MAC keyboard, this can be to each modify the keyboard and conjointly as a result of it’s simply inessential. On the Mac, rather than touching a “Print Screen” button, you’ll hit one among many keyboard combination shortcuts to perform a selected action, betting on the precise screen capture action you would like taken. this can be each easier and far additional powerful, provided that there area unit ultimately six distinctive choices to perform variations of the screen print.

On a standard Windows machine, you’ll realize that there’s a keyboard key dedicated to capture the screen. however that’s not a liberty you have got on a MAC.

This is as a result of on a MAC, you utilize a group of keys to capture the screen in numerous ways in which. whereas having single key sounds simply nice, the print screen technique on MAC is way a lot of smarter. There area unit many choices inside the screen capture on MAC thus we’ll cowl all here.

There three different ways how to print screen Shot on a MAC.

Screen Shot 3

If you Googled “How to try and do Print Screen on a MAC” it means you lately have switched from Windows to a shiny Mac and haven’t any plan wherever to search out “Print Screen” button that is gift on most keywords designed for Windows. There area unit some exceptions however the majority Windows keyboards have “Print screen” button somewhere. sadly, there’s no such howeverton on your MAC but it doesn’t mean that you simply can’t take screenshot, you’ll however the method may be a bit a lot of difficult, more durable to memorise however is way a lot of versatile once it involves output and what you’re specifically wanting to capture in a very screenshot.

Screen Shot 1


Screen Shot 2


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