How to Save iOS 7 SHSH Blobs File Using Tinyumbrella 7.0

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 File Using Tinyumbrella 7.0

Tinyumbrella 7.0 which is one of the popular jail breaking tool released by Notcom. Today we will tell you about “how to save iOS 7 shsh file using tiny umbrella 7.0”. Many people are looking forward to upgrade their phone to iOS 7 which was released by apple recently. But if you have already update your apple iphone, ipad or ipod to iOS7 then our recommendation to save shsc as soon as possible. Now you would be thinking that how to save iOS 7 shsh file using tinyumbrella 7.0. Follow the steps below; just follow the steps below given by us:


Steps to save iOS 7SHSH Blobs File

1. First of all, install tinyumbrella 7.0 available for windows & Mac. Download the latest version of tinyumbrella.

2. Then, when you download it then save your shsh of your iOS 7 device.

3. Now launch tiny umbrella.exe app and then connect your iphone, or any apple phone with your windows Computer or Mac.

4. After you connect, automatically your device will be detected by tiny umbrella and then popup will come up. Then you will automatically see your device name at the left top.

5. Click on your device at left top, after this click on advanced settings then you will see two options “save all available shsh” and “request shsh from Cydia“. You will see both options checked, please uncheck these two options.

6. Now what you have to do is to change the directory of shsh file that you already saved on your desktop to select “save shsh directory“.

7. To view the status of saving click on log button.

8. Now, save shsh on your phone or device by pressing save button on tiny umbrella. And process of saving will be started.

9. Sign in your apple account until saving process is being done.

10. As the saving process completed popup will come up says “shsh successfully saved”.

Congratulations “shsh successfully saved”. This is about “how to save iOS 7 shsh file using tinyumbrella 7.0”.

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