How to Take Screenshot from Galaxy S4

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How to Take Screenshot from Galaxy S4

Having a snapshot of ones Android phone’s display screen isn’t hard, and there are all kinds of other situations in which a screenshot would are available with handy, from sharing the house screen setup in conjunction with friends to obtaining pictorial proof another high score inside a sport. Sadly, they have never been so much easy to attain, often needing any third-party app to accomplish. That most changed, so here’s an immediate guide on exactly how this feature works on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Take a screenshot using a Galaxy S4 along with earlier phone using a hand swipe

This could work on virtually every other recent Galaxy phone (ones who have come out because the Galaxy S3 within 2012). If your phone’s lock screen features waterdroplet unlocks effect, a sunlight flare unlocks influence, or maybe a decorative bubbly effect and this should complete the task..


Open Settings > Motion

Scroll down to find Hand Motion, and then palm swipe to capture, and check the box.

Close the menu to find the screen you wish to help capture. Shape your hand like you are karate “chopping” the display screen, set your give vertically on either side through the screen, then horizontally swipe over it — taking that approach doesn’t matter which way — just like your hand generally is a photo scanner.

In the event you’ve done taking that approach correctly, you should hear the camera shutter and get a notification that a photo has become saved to the gallery.

Screenshot available!


How to take snapshot on Samsung Galaxy s4 via Buttons

This will work on most of the Galaxy Smartphones

Pressing the Power and Home buttons while grabbing a photo in the screen, this can be awkward to get right, so it’s vital that you just remember to media both buttons while accomplishing this, and hold them until the shutter sound will likely be heard. (You should hold the Power button slightly before pressing your home button, and then hold them both lower.)

Both these methods will also start using a Galaxy Take note.

Some time above methods not working if not working then you follow following two new methods it is also working


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