How to Use Xfire to Record Games In High Definition

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Use Xfire to Record Games In High Definition

Xfire is a wonderful free tools pertaining to players, especially to record hi-d videos of your common games. Some times before I wrote a piece of writing as well as a video clip introducing this awesome free software which was substitution for quite a few costly recording software’s. Although it features great options and such, it might be a bit confusing to start out using for once. Here’ an easy and fast tutorial about how exactly to use Xfire so that you can record you online games.


What is xFire?

Should you be wondering the dilemma, simply it is generally software through that you can record hi-d videos of one’s games with no paying anything. Read the next post: Best Free Display screen Recorder for PC Gaming that can guide you through installation and utilize using both video and text recommendations.

Procedure to record free HD games through Xfire

  1. Open Xfire and a window will open with a screen detecting the installed applications on your PC or games.
  2. Now don’t skip the step just because it is going to collect all the information and will do settings along with the installed games so to configure it easily.
  3. If any popup windows appears click Continue as most of the time it occur but sometimes it doesn’t so if it appear click continue and if not skip this step
  4. Now before using it you have to sign up for it and now after that open the software and click on Login with your exact information.
  5. Now click on tools then to Options and go to Video section
  6. Now select the following things on Screen
    1. Enable Video capture
    2. You will see the Key binding there it is a shortcut to start or stop the recording between the game
    3. Now you have to set your video quality and it totally depends on you and your PC
    4. Now setup your Audio

Now what is next? Open up the Game make sure that it is in full window form which means it is full screen mode, now whenever you want to start the video press the shortcut buttons which were in key binding and the video will start recording, that’s it.

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