Importance of a Google Glass, Features of a Google Glasses

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About Google Glass

What is a Google Glass

A Google glass is a WEARABLE COMPUTING eyewear developed by Google. Google glass is from the line of devices of Google’s project program for developing devices that users can wear or put on. The project is named as Project glass, and Google glass is the first product to be release from this project.

Importance of A Google Glass

So you think that a Google glass is just simple eyeglasses? NO of course not! Nowadays, we are so addicted to our Smartphone or any other android device that they consume almost all our attention, a Google glass has a solution to this problem. It gives a full access to the world of internet and can perform various tasks without using hands and you can easily put on or off according to your need.


The Design of Google Glass

Well, since Google glass is an eyewear, the design is intended to be lightweight but a strong frame. And to provide comfort, frame will have adjustable pads. For people already wearing spectacles need not to worry as the Google glass will be featured with numerous designs that can be attached to your existing frames. Google glass will be launching with five different cool colors. With different lens shapes and frames the flexibility in the design is finally made possible. Interestingly, the computing part of the glass can detach from the current frame and can easily be attached on another.

Features of a Google Glass

A Google glass has an Android-powered computer actually built into the frames of the spectacles, so you can easily perch a display in your vision, takes pictures, watch movies, search and can even run special design apps plus a Google glass is further featured with touchpad, GPS, microphone, speakers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The glass Of Google glass responds to your voice commands, for example, if you ask any question verbally the Google glass will present you an appropriate answer from the internet sources in front of your eyes in the small screen. It even respond to the gestures and taps on the touch-sensitive bar.

Google glass can also show you your text messages as well as your emails. Plus you can easily connect to your social networking websites whenever you want. If you are weak in geography and need to search locations using Google maps, this device will easily help you integrate the Google maps in glass.

A common problem faced by almost all of us while traveling abroad is language barrier. Google glass has a solution to this problem as well. All you need to do is just ask Google glass to translate a particular word or a sentence of one language to be translated in other language and Google glass will speak that for you.

In addition to the Google glass features, now you can actually live in the moment! Just by tuning your photo apps settings, all you have to do is say “take a photo” and your view is captured instantly. No need to adjust the view for long, without using your hands Google glass will take a perfect photo. Just enjoy the moment. Taking photos was never so easy and fun, thanks to Google glass!

All in all, Google glass is certainly a great device one cannot resist! Why carrying heavy Smartphones all the time when Google Glass is handy and has all the features needed. For me, it is definitely a great invention of Google!

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