Pear OS 8 Installation Guide with Screenshots – Pear OS 8 Review

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Pear OS 8 Released – Review and Installation Guide with Screenshots

The Pear OS 8 is basically Ubuntu/Debian based operating system designed for desktop computers, notebooks, tablets and phones. It is originally a Linux development inspired from apple iOS7. For a person who has never used Mac OS, using Pear OS 8 will be a unique experience.

System requirements:

The system requirements for the installation of Pear OS 8 include processor of 700 MHz, 512 MB memory, free disk space of at least 8 GB, 1024 ×768 Screen resolution and a removable media drive or a USB port.

Installation of Pear OS 8:

First of all click the link and download Pear OS 8 to your system. After installation, below given window will appear.


Click on the CD icon given on upper left corner. This will take you to the window in which you will have to select the required language then click continue. Then following given window having ‘preparing to install pear’ as a header will appear.


This will enable you to download third party software and updates. Check the boxes as per need then click continue. Below given window will appear next.


Select the option as per need. Erasing disk completely is recommended but it will permanently delete your data so make sure to copy important files before installing Pear OS 8. Then click on ‘install now’ button given on bottom rite. This will complete the installation process all you need to do now is ejecting bootable media and restart your system. Settings for time zone and keyboard might be required. Once you are done following given log in screen will appear.


Pear OS 8 Usage Review:

To install things like flash, codecs and fonts, which are not present by default you need to download ubuntu-restricted-package available at repository when you use Ubuntu but this package is already installed in your Pear OS 8. In the same way Synaptic is the application which is present by default in Pear OS 8 but not in Ubuntu.

The desktop of Pear OS 8 gives a mixed view of iOS7 and Mac OS X and have dock at the bottom of the page exactly same as in Mac OS X.


The icons present on this dock include launch pad for applications, the finder, trash can and system settings. Number of exclusive Pear OS 8 applications can also be seen on the application launch pad.


These include Pear cloud for connecting to internet and making a back up and synchronization of files on it, MyPear6 which is a configuration utility, Pear PPA manager for adding PPAs and Pear contacts for the obvious use suggested by its name.




 Drawbacks of Pear OS 8:

Two minor drawbacks of this operating system popped up firstly pear software center is present in launch pad rather than on the dock and secondly installed software neither appear on the dock nor on the launch pad making it rather difficult to find for a first time user. Other then this office suite and BitTorrent and some other applications which should have been present by default are missing.

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