Thoughts on visiting the UAE as a Gay Man

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While writing the previous post, a simple review of the Park inn Yas Island, I wished to urge into the rear story of the building booking and also the overall impression that it left, then again set it’d be higher to separate the thoughts into a different post.

When American state and beau set to book the Park inn for an 18-hour stopover, I chosen the bed choice while not even wondering it. Force of habit.

Then, he aforesaid out of obscurity, “Did you book 2 beds?” “No, why would I?”

We browse the reviews and saw that another gay couple suggested obtaining 2 separate beds, as a result of within the UAE being homosexual is unlawful. Not “participating in homosexual acts”, however merely being homosexual. For residents, the very best penalty is death. For guests, it’s deportation, fines, or jail time.

It’s conjointly illegitimate for unmarried couples to share a bed, for what’s it value.

So when reading that, I utterly canceled the primary booking and re-booked for 2 twin beds instead.bookingsRespecting culture

Whenever I plan to go anyplace, I understand i’m within the realm of various laws, governments, and societies. I attempt to be sensitive to that. The places i prefer to go to tend to be alternative major metropolitan cities, with some rural places here and there (like Alaska).

Abu Dhabi may be a major town within the UAE, however it absolutely was extremely the primary time I felt like I had to differ simply to go to. It created American state self-conscious of myself, and created a tension that i would do one thing wrong by merely being.

But however would they understand I’m gay?

Now, if you recognize American state, my sex comes across pretty clearly. I don’t mask it however I don’t flaunt it, either. It’s there, and it’s fine.

I’m from the geographic region (Mississippi), therefore I’m conversant in the discrimination which will happen by doing nothing aside from being who you’re. however i do know the laws here and, for the foremost half, be at liberty to be American state.

Being within the UAE was the primary time wherever i actually felt that it absolutely was illegitimate to be myself. it absolutely was a brand new feeling, however I knew i used to be within the territory by alternative and had to abide by their national laws. a bit like the other place I visit.

I knew that the method of rebooking the area may doubtless color my expertise before I’d even arrived, and even still, I wished to stay an open mind a couple of new place.

Arriving at AUH

At a particular purpose, when turning into a bundle of nerves, I understand that gets American state obscurity. therefore in this spirit, I readied myself for no matter was planning to happen at customs. There was no going back at that time, and when fourteen hours on a plane, I wasn’t equipped to place an excessive amount of thought into one thing I’d done many times. This was simply another customs line in another airport.

The AUH airfield is super weird. there have been photos of yankee businessmen fully suits shaking hands with the locals in their ancient vesture. All smiles. however I got a particular feeling of the place.

The immigration officer didn’t even find at American state. He grunted, I took my passport back, and went on down the road.

Within minutes, i used to be at the Etihad chauffeur table.

But all the whereas, I couldn’t shake the sensation that i used to be being watched. decision it psychosis, or psyching myself out, or no matter, however I felt… monitored, somehow.

Second thoughts

Hearing regarding gays being overwhelmed, kicked out of their homes, or taking their own lives – unhappy as all those things area unit – is that the usual news the gay community is attuned to hearing. That stuff happens within the States on a commonplace. I unbroken observation my steps. Were they steps, or were they gay steps?

Did I look gay? Wave my hand slightly too much? Sound gay? Do one thing wrong?


limp-handOutwardly, I knew that i used to be fine. however North American nationed to be} thinking these items because the arrival agent two-handed us our space keys and was maybe (?) observation us walk off toward the elevators.

Was it OK that we have a tendency to were going into a similar room? Did they see wherever I engaged, canceled, and re-booked? I found myself thinking these items – things I’d ne’er thought of were currently running through my mind. I didn’t expect a policeman to play the door or something, however I knew I had to remain on my best behavior.

Reading articles regarding medical testing and prohibition gay travelers within the Gulf States didn’t facilitate something.

As we have a tendency to walked round the space directly outside the building, I had the possibility to look at the locals from a distance. I’m terribly accustomed seeing Americans walking around, obviously. I actually have no right to position a judgment on the UAE. however it absolutely was totally different than what i do know, and alternative places I’ve visited – obviously.

Bottom line

This is what travel is all about: immersing yourself in an exceedingly utterly totally different setting, being out of your temperature, and seeing new components of the planet.

I generally prefer to infix the kind of thoughts enclosed here among the reviews themselves, however felt this one ought to have its own spot.

If you’re LGBT and attending to visit the UAE, simply understand that gayness is unlawful there. Book separate beds if traveling along with your partner, unless you’re staying at a 5-star resort and have knowledgeable them prior time. a similar would on paper apply to unmarried couples, however that’s plenty easier to urge away with.

No public displays of feeling area unit tolerated from what I perceive, and it’s best to stay an occasional profile whereas you’re there.

If i purchase the possibility to travel to the UAE once more, I’d take it, even knowing all i do know currently. The design is gorgeous, the hotels area unit crazy sumptuous, and also the desert scenery is hypnotic in its grandeur. like every place, you need to acknowledge and respect the culture you’re selecting to immerse yourself in.

Has anyone else been to the UAE or another place wherever they need felt themselves to air the fringes? however will your expertise compare?

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