Top 10 Best Internet Browsers Of 2017

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Top 10 Best Internet Browsers


Internet browser is basically a software application that recovers, cross and present information resources to an individual searching for. In this article I will be discussing the expected top 1- 10 best internet browsers in terms of their. Best internet browsers are judged according to the speed, secure browsing and also sync capabilities.

Well, without any doubts Google chrome tops the list of the Best internet browsers for the year 2017. The best draw I love about Google chrome is its multiprocessing architecture, and it is very fast. It makes your searching very simpler while giving you more control over the tabs. Like pros, there are certain cons of Google chrome, which includes that Google chrome does not have the capability to synchronize across multiple computers, plus the dropdown bar is dropped.

Mozilla Firefox hits the list as number 2. It is certainly one of the BEST INTERNET BROWSERS. The interface is very easy to use. However it lacks the voice interaction capabilities.




It is developed by Microsoft. Internet explorer is the only browser that offers every option of help we search for, including direct support via email and telephone. Its functionality and high speed makes it a viable competitor. It was once the most used browsers until Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox became prominent due to high features they provide. The vast popularity of internet explorer invites hackers and cyber thieves

4-      OPERA
Opera’s brilliant multimodal features, competitive navigation speeds plus its security makes it more popular and well-known. However there is some compatibility issues opera had been dealing since long.



5-      SAFARI
Safari is one of the approaching web browsers from the list of best internet browsers, its page load times are impressive with all the security features though lacks some of the customization options.



6-      MAXTHON
The popularity of Maxthon is increasing with the passage of time since its launch; its unique split screen option is loved by users as this option is only available at Maxthon. It allows you to customize the toolbar of the interface. However it is not the fastest browser and lacks some supplementary features. Some modifications can make Maxthon one of the best internet browsers.

7-      ROCKMELT
ockMelt is also one of the upcoming best internet browsers launched in year 2010. It has excellent security .People love Facebook chat integration and drag and drop ability. RockMelt is really excellent for social media integration however at workplace or offices, you feel this a DISTRACTION.


SeaMonkey is one of upcoming best internet browsers which is fast, customizable and stable. It is a complete package of email, browsing and chat capabilities though lacks the startup speed with some more add-ons.



Deepnet explorer hit the list of best internet browsers at number 9; It is speedy plus tabbed browsing which makes it more appealing. It has good RSS reader and Group link. It has a navigation and startup time that is less than 4 seconds. The cons include the weak p2p file sharing and bad interpretation of web standards. It lacks many security features as well.

Avant browser is highly customizable with good speed and basic browsing functions. But its security features are not up to the mark with lacking of modern applications.

SO, this was a list of expected Best internet browsers of year 2017.

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