Top 10 Best Internet Downloader 2016

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Download Mangers are one of the finest resources that make our online life easy by downloading different things from internet straight into our desktop pc or laptops. A good download manager should not only just download things but should also have the ability to pause of resume downloads. A download manager should have a user friendly and attractive design . It should also increase up the downloading speed. Download managers really save alot of our precious time by speeding up the task.

Internet Download Manager

Free Download Internet Download

It is most common used download manager that Works with all types of major web browsers. It provides integration options with the browsers to grab the downloadable files. It also schedules downloads and can also download a website for offline usage.

Download Accelerator Plus – 


It is a type of download manager that efficiently Squeezes the most out of your Internet connection. It has an easy, user friendly and attractive Interface as well as design. It provides different categories of the downloads to be customized.

Flashget – 


It is Probably one of the fastest and most reliable of all download managers. It Provides the facility of starting, stopping pausing, resuming or scheduling a download. It also works with Bit Torrent CLients.

Orbit Downloader 

Orbit Downloader

It is A light and simple application based on P2P technology. It works comfortably with all type of internet connections and provides integrations with all popular and most commonly used web browsers.

Free Download Manager – 


It is a free download application and you have to pay nothing to use it. It works just like other paid download managers.


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It is a download manager that Uses Net Grid technology . It can increase download speeds upto 10 times and can help to get quick downloads

Website Ripper Copier 


It provides integration modes for all web browsers because of which it can automatically download all content from a web page. Like all other download managers , it can also schedule downloads for later downloading purposes.


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It is among the download mangers that can grab all web content to browse it offline.



The best thing about GetRight is the Compact, stylish but fitted user interface that provides all the necessary download features like other popular download managers.

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