Top 10 Super Cool Keyboards You Have Never Seen

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10 Super Cool Keyboards You Have Never Seen

Keyboards area unit a vital a part of our computers. we tend to use pc keyboards principally to sort however in recent times we’ve seen plenty of diversification within the use and style of keyboards. they’re now not wont to kind solely text any longer, however to try and do plenty a lot of tasks. taking part in Games, dominant Media Players and launching applications area unit some of them.

To meet these user needs, keyboards aren’t any longer confined to having solely alphabetical keys and numbers. They currently go along with Media dominant Keys, Special Keys for enjoying games, cutoff Keys to launch applications and a few have even taken a step ahead and are available with bit screen rather than the standard buttons.

We don’t sometimes get to envision these sorts of keyboards in homes and offices. allow us to take a glance at a number of these uncommon however cool laptop Keyboards that build the employment of Keyboards easier and far a lot of refined.

1.Optimus Maximusoptimus_maximusOptimus Maximus could be a absolutely customizable keyboard that permits you to select the sequence of the characters on the keyboard. every key of the Optimus Maximus could be a complete show that shows the perform presently allotted to that.

You can build use of any language like Cyrillic languages, Hellenic language, Arabic etc. with the exception of that you simply will use the other character sets:  notes, numerals, special symbols, HTML codes, scientific discipline functions etc. the probabilities area unit time.

You can conjointly assign cutoffs of internet sites you totally different keys and add a picture to simply realize the shortcut later. The Optimus Maximus Keyboard contains a total of 113 Screens every with a resolution of forty eight x forty eight Pixels.optimus-maximus2. Logitech diNovo Edgelogitech_dinovo_edgeThe Logitech diNovo Edge Keyboard is one amongst the foremost trendy Keyboards you may realize within the market. The diNovo Edge has been optical device cut from one, semi-translucent piece of black Plexiglas and set into a brushed-aluminum frame.

The TouchDis navigation makes it doable to maneuver the indicator by Moving a finger up and down or across the disc.  A touch-sensitive volume slider can change you to quickly change the computer’s volume. For the fluid and natural Keystrokes,

The PerfectStroke™ key system has been used. notwithstanding how briskly and onerous you sort,  it’ll  neither build any sound nor will it hurt your fingers. The Logitech diNovo is reversible and a two-hour charge yields up to 2 months of battery life.logitech_dinovo_edge_slim3. Logitech G19 gaming Keyboardlogitech_g19_keyboard_gamingThe Logitech G19 Keyboard is that the most sophusticated play keyboard. The Logitech G19 play Keyboard is supercharged by 2 Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports that makes Transfer of knowledge to and from peripherals quicker. The Multi-Key input build it doable to use to 5 keys quickly to perform multiple complicated actions whereas recreation.

The G19 Keyboard has Tilt-able, 320 x 240px, color GamePanel LCD that shows “unprecedented levels of information—both in- and out-of-game—including game stats, system data, VOIP communication information, video playback, image slideshows, and plenty of different items”.

User-selectable back-lit characters build it doable to simply find keys whereas taking part in in dark and individualize the keyboard to higher work with the remainder of your laptop and recreation instrumentality.logitech_g19_gaming_keyboard4. Tipro Custom Assembled Keyboardtipro_custom_assembled_keyboardsTipro Custom keyboard could be a extremely versatile and absolutely customizable keyboard with a Rugged plastic housing. The keyboard has User determinable input file management that makes it a best resolution for a user’s specific desires. The Tipro has ex gratia inform, reading and management modules.

Superior mechanical long travel key switches and metal carrying plate and secure cabling build it rugged and extremely reliable. The Tipro Custom Keyboard is Assembled by distinctive small styles and comes with a twelve Months come to Base assurance.

5. Optimus Tactusoptimus_tactus_keyboard

Optimus Tactus doesn’t have any physical keys. Lack of any physical keys means there aren’t any restrictions on their form and size of the keys. you’ll keep one key on the keyboard or show all of them on the bit screen.

The keys will be set in any language. it’s simply an enormous bit Screen show which may be programmed to show any key or image. It will be programmed to show videos too. There aren’t any limits to what you’ll do with the Optimus Maximus Keyboard. it’s a plan for currently however we tend to area unit positive we’ll get to check this keyboard in markets shortly.optimus_tactus_video

optimus_tactus_keyboard_side6. Luxeed LED Keyboardluxeed__led_keyboardLuxeed keypad incorporates the LEDs in its construction creating it one amongst the foremost colourful Keyboards around. once it’s not connected to the pc, it’s going to appear as if simply an everyday keyboard however after you connect it to the pc, it displays colourful lights creating it a novel Keyboard.

Luxeed light-emitting diode Keyboard contains a complete of 430 LEDs and every will be allotted totally different color by its user.luxeed_keyboard_ledIt has a detachable  Numeric Pad to save lots of informed house after you don’t would like the Num-Pad.luxeed_keyboard_with_430_leds7. Handwriting Recognition Keyboardhandwriting-recognition-cool-keyboard-555x555This large USB keyboard with handwriting recognition contains a trendy super skinny style. The keyboard contains a terribly sensitive handwriting recognition system and is extremely helpful for digitizing your handwriting. The pad of this A1Pro keyboard doubles as a mouse.

8. AMEX Digital Touch-Screen Wireless Keyboardamex_digital_wireless_keyboardClaiming to be the world’s most advanced bit Sense Windows visual percept keyboard, amex Digital bit screen Keyboard is a perfect partner for any high-end laptop.

The ultra-slim amex bit Screen keyboard delivers the final word feel and response. 2.4G RF wireless technology permits you to go wire free and use the Wireless Keyboard at intervals a variety of thirty feet. it’s got a 1 bit access to Windows Media Center and transmission Keys for simple Media Navigation.

9. Wolf King warrior XXtremewolfking-warrior-xxtremeWolf King individual XXtreme USB recreation Keyboard could be a terribly distinctive keyboard. it’s an innovative style and wonderful practicality. it’s a lighted computer keyboard possibility that permits you to game even in dark.

The individual XXtreme permits the user to sort with only one hand and therefore the new audio controls and “K Lock” feature leave constant communication. All the necessary management keys for FPS and RPG Games area unit accessible with token ever-changing of hand position. The XXtreme recreation keyboard possesses versatile 3-layer silicon membrane for terribly quiet use.

10. Virtual optical device Keyboardlaser_keyboard

The Virtual laser Keyboard (VKB) could be a revolutionary accent for all the transportable gadgets like Blackberry, Smartphone, PDA, waterproof & pill computer however will be connected to a laptop too employing a USB electronic device.

The Virtual Keyboard comes with a sublime animal skin jacket and you’ll take it with you in your pocket. it’s of the dimensions of a Zipo lighter and operates in pitch blackness. It uses a light beam to come up with a largedead operative optical device keyboard.laser_keyboard_virtual

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