Top 6 Security Tips for WordPress

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6 Security Tips for WordPress

Some recent WordPress frauds and force attacks on the WordPress websites and blogs have drawn attention to the security needs for the same. No blog owner should ever compromise on security rather be more concerned about it. Neglecting such affairs may lead to disasters and the past has witnessed a lot of such cases. This article specifically lists a few tips that can come handy to keep WordPress blogs safe and secure.


1. Creation of strong passwords and changing them frequently is necessary

A password is the only thing that can secure an email, webpage or any sort of access. Thus, it is highly necessary that one should create a very strong password. It should have combinations of alphabets, numbers and symbols so that it is never easy to guess. They should also be changed regularly to ensure proper and continuous protection from hackers.

2.  One should not use “admin” as the default username

This is very common as are owner, administrator and test. The username is openly viewable and should be normal. One does not need to create a secretive username as it does no good than just inviting fishy trouble. It is better to keep one’s own first name as the username.

3.  Themes, widgets and plugins should be updated regularly

Updates help in keeping online threats under control and check. One can’t be completely protected until all the themes, widgets and plugins in WordPress are up to date.

4. Get rid of outdated and unused stuffs

The hacks on WordPress often make their way through the outdated files and themes. If certain stuffs are no more required then the owner of the blog should immediately get them out of the place and leave no scope for threats for backdoor entry into the system.

5. Backups can be life savers

One should always have a back up ready and in place. No one can take guarantee of online threats and therefore it is a wise idea to keep a back up ready. Regular backups ensure that no data is lost permanently from the system and may always have a scope of restoration. There are many plugins on the web such as BackWPup that can automatically generate backups on weekly or even daily basis.

One should also be well aware of where these back up files are being stored to get access to them later on if needed.

6.  Installing Security Plugins is a great idea

Last but not the least, these security plugins can safeguard the blogs and websites to a large extent and curb unauthorized access to them. Some of the major plugins available for this purpose are Bad BehaviorBetter WP SecurityCloudFlareSucuri Security and more. One may also check for discounts if paid solutions are not affordable.

But in spite of all lags, one must never compromise on security of all the hard work that is continuously going in to the making of a WordPress website. These points can surely keep an owner out of trouble.

These above mentioned points are the basics of having a good and appropriate strategy for your Best premium wordpress theme .

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