Top Cool Apple iPhone 5 Accessories

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iPhone 5 accessories

Developed by Apple, iPhone 5, a touchscreen smartphone is the sixth generation of iPhone released on September 2012. The iPhone 5 was a great success for Apple as according to it, the sale of iPhone 5 was extra ordinary. Single fact which disappointed the users was the lack of support of the older accessories.

iPhone 5 accessories are numerous, However, I am mentioning some of its accessories most needed, most sell and accessories included with iPhone 5.


ShockDropThe most prominent accessory of iPhone 5 accessories is the LIGHTNING which is a dock connector. This connector has eight pins with digital signaling. It is slimmer than the predecessor which makes the iPhone 5 slimmer. It can work with or without a case. Lightning is included in the iPhone 5 accessories.



OrbitWell, this is particularly an important accessory as I see it. Your expensive but fragile iPhone 5 needs extra care for any possible damages. Shockdrop case is an important accessory of the iPhone 5 accessories. It has a 10mm silicon protection at corners which is shock absorbing. A semi rigid film protector will resist any severe hit in touch sensitivity.


Apple-ear-PodsThis is quite an amazing accessory in a physical case form offering three different lenses, 2x zoom optical lens, a 180 degree fish eye view, plus a 67x wide-angle lenses. The cool quality deign with an excellent quality result will force you buy one. You just do not need any camera apps after this. It is available in three different colors: red, silver or black.


car-mountApple ear pods according to Apple were supposed to be included in the iPhone 5 accessories; but it was not finally included. However, these earphones were redesign in order to improve sound quality. Some reviews reported the sound quality to be poor but better than the predecessor.






Lightning-dockThis accessory of the iPhone 5 accessories is particularly important for people who have to travel for long hours at daily basis. IOttie easy one touch car mount is durable and brilliantly designed. It simply locks or releases your phone with a finger push. The holder is adjustable with 360 degree rotation for landscape views.

These were few iPhone 5 accessories I felt worth mentioning, though there are various accessories available in the market.

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