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Search Facebooksearch-facebook-anything-644x250Facebook search is presumably the foremost powerful, under-used feature accessible to United States all. Most folks can gayly sort during a friends name, a bunch name or a page we’re checking out, however seldom can we have a tendency to use the perform for a lot of fascinating searches.

But perhaps you’ll when reading this text. We’re attending to take you thru the however and why of those very helpful searches, thus you’ll be able to notice with reference to something.

How to Search for Friends on Facebook

This is the foremost basic of searches: writing your friend’s name into the search bar. The results can notice folks you’ve friended on Facebook, friends of friends, celebrities and a lot of, hopefully within the right order for you to search out who you’re searching for.

Now, you’ll conjointly search directly for the e-mail address of somebody you recognize. If they’ve supplementary that email address to Facebook and created it visible to you, you’ll notice them without delay. And don’t forget that by commerce your contacts Facebook can mechanically recommend your friends that match those email addresses too.

How to Search for somebody on Facebook

So, what if you’re making an attempt to search out somebody specially who isn’t an addict of yours? maybe you’re doing somewhat of family tree and making an attempt to search out a remote relative you’ve ne’er met. Here’s wherever you’ll begin to use a number of the opposite search functions.Facebook-People-SearchFor starters, once writing in someone’s name and searching at the prompt results, Facebook can show you if you’re not connected on to someone, as you’ll be able to add them as an addict. it’ll conjointly show you the way several mutual friends you’ve got, and who those folks ar. So, within the case of checking out a remote relative, you will notice the correct person a lot of simply by noting the relatives a lot of closely associated with you.

If they need a awfully common name, you’ll slim the results down by mistreatment a number of the subsequent search tools.

Search by Telephone / Mobile number on Facebook

Believe it or not, you’ll really rummage around for a telephone number within the regular Facebook search field. strive it along with your own range, or your supporter, if you don’t believe it.

How will this phone search be useful? Well, keep in mind that attractive woman you met at the bar last night? wouldn’t it be insane to examine out her Facebook profile before you call? What regarding business cards you’ve collected at a conference? That person you’re considering hiring? the opposite folks on the solid list of your native theater group?

I think this can be unbelievably helpful, actually. simply don’t become a stalker with it.

How to search for Posts on Facebook

This is the everyday Facebook search question. It’s the one wherever you’re looking for any news and chit-chat on a selected topic.

You will simply concentrate on a straightforward keyword otherwise you can really create use of Facebook Graph Search to search out results relevant to you. Facebook really provides the simplest example of this themselves: You mistily recall an addict mentioning their ma created the simplest cookies and linking to the direction. Now, who was it? And where’s that recipe?Search-on-FacebookStart with “Cookie Recipe” and you may really notice one thing helpful, however add in names of United Nations agency you think that it would are and suddenly you hit gold. Facebook is aware of that the “Lisa” you mean is your friend Lisa, not another random person, in order that result’s the precise post you originally saw. and also the direction.Search-For-Posts-On-FacebookI’ve antecedently noted more ways in which you’ll use the Facebook graph search to search out fascinating things and rummage around for cool stuff regarding your friends. as an example, strive “posts regarding Netflix by those who just like the TV shows that I like”, or “posts regarding politics by those who like Greenpeace”, or “posts I commented on regarding cookies”.

There is an improbable quantity of knowledge right there at your fingertips. You don’t have to be compelled to limit yourself to hashtag searches once there’s most else you’ll do.

How to Search History on Facebook

If you would like to look simply your own posts, you’ll use the regular search bar as higher than, simply mistreatment “posts by me” otherwise you will search through your activity during a totally different approach.

Head to your activity log: https://www.facebook.com/me/allactivity

Now, you’ve got a straightforward search field you’ll use to search out stuff you denote, either on your own timeline, in teams or on pages. This search isn’t really as powerful as Facebook’s graph search.

For instance, in my activity feed I might see a post I’d recently likeable from a personal cluster. I sought for a couple of keywords in my activity feed and it gave Maine no result, although I might clearly see it right there. With the Facebook Graph Search, I threw within the same keywords and it gave Maine the result locution that my friend had denote regarding it, then took Maine straight thereto post.

My advice: Use the activity feed to browse, however do all of your looking within the regular Facebook Graph Search field.

How to Search for Groups on Facebook

Groups ar powerful, as a result of whereas you’ll explore for public or closed teams, a number of the simplest ar secret. They’re hidden away and you’ll ne’er notice them by looking (because they don’t need to be found).Facebook-Search-Groups-TabAlso, if you search for “group” followed by the subject you’re fascinated by, all the highest prompt results are for teams you’re already in. It’s really higher to simply rummage around for the keyword of the cluster, press enter thus you get the complete choice of results, then click on the “Groups” tab of the results to filter it properly. this manner you’ll notice numerous teams for no matter niche you’re when.

How to Search by Location on Facebook

For the primitive location search of Facebook, simply sort the placement name. If you’re checking out something in the slightest degree to try and do with a selected place, simply mistreatment the toponym as a keyword can quote casual comments, news, events, check-ins, and also the rest. That’s the primary issue you’d do if you were on the point of travel there, as an example.

You can conjointly get somewhat a lot of specific, by phrasing your search sort of a regular sentence. strive “vegetarian restaurants in Bordeaux” and you’ll see all 2 of the restaurants seem at you.How-To-Seach-For-Locations-in-FacebookBut names ar re-used throughout the planet and may get confusing as keywords for searches. And though Facebook will try and anticipate what you mean, eventually it’s to supply a lot of results simply just in case you meant one thing else.

If you would like to understand {how to|the approach to|a way to} search by town during a a lot of nuanced way, strive checking out the code rather than the town name. So, Bordeaux center would be “vegetarian eating house in 33000”. Strangely, this brings up a unique result, as a result of one in every of the initial restaurants is within the larger Bordeaux space, not within the center of the town. this can be excellent if you’re really yearning for a eating house near wherever you’re attending to be.

But you’ll get even a lot of specific too: strive “Hotels in the big apple visited by my friends” or “Places in London visited by those who like David Tennant”. I’m certain you’ll consider a lot of on those lines!

What does one consider Facebook Search?

Don’t forget that you simply will solely see things that are shared with you or in public. So, the results you get can depend upon your friends and their privacy settings. a similar goes for the opposite approach around: if you don’t need things to indicate up in Facebook searches, you merely have to be compelled to mapped out your privacy settings, ensure you’re not sharing your location unknowingly, untag yourself from photos, and maybe conjointly raise a couple of friends to get rid of some photos of you utterly.

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