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Google is increasing the visibility of security warnings within Gmail to assist shield the service’s billion-plus active users additional adequately.

The company is increasing its ‘safe browsing’ security notifications, that warn users after they ar near to open suspicious links contained inside emails, in order that they show before the link has opened and as a whole notice. antecedently the warning would show before a link was clicked, however with bigger prominence post-click Google hopes to chop down on users really visiting malicious sites.
Google is additionally increasing its state-sponsored attack warnings within Gmail, that others like Facebook have since embraced, in order that they’re whole, too. These don’t impact plenty of individuals — simply zero.1 p.c of users can ever be served this type of notice, Google same — however they’ll be massively impactful.


“The users that receive these warnings ar typically activists, journalists, and policy-makers taking daring stands round the world,” Google same in an exceedingly web log post.

Google is additionally continued its in progress push to standardize email cryptography, another feature that’s crucial for activists et al. World Health Organization are often subject to hacking and police investigation. the corporate teamed up with variety of major names in the week — as well as Comcast, Microsoft, and Yahoo — to propose a brand new system for email that guarantees to extend message security.

That’s not getting to be enforced long, and Google has long wanted to extend the utilization of cryptography in email victimization its own services. Last month, it began warning Gmail users after they send and receive email over unsecured connections and, already, the corporate same that introduction has helped to extend the number of arriving email subunit to Gmail users over AN encrypted association by twenty five p.c.

“We’re terribly inspired by this progress! Given the relative easy implementing cryptography and its important advantages for users, we tend to expect to examine this progress continue,” Google same.

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