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NetZero is an online email service that you simply will access from any device with internet access. Accessing it from your iPhone may be a quick method that’s helped by NetZero’s mobile-specific page that your iPhone can mechanically realize. There ar some further tips and tricks which will create your NetZero expertise quicker and additional gratifying.netzero emailLogging In

Open safari applications programme on your iPhone, and within the address bar sort “webmail.netzero“. Hold down the “.com” button at the lowest of the keyboard and different choices can appear on top of. Select “.net” and click on “Go.” Enter your Member ID and word to log in. Speed up this method by adding NetZero’s home email page to your iPhone net favorites.

Type quicker

Double-tap the keyboard’s key to group A period followed by one house. faucet anyplace on the screen to ignore the keyboard’s instructed writing system. Discover alternate character choices by holding down a letter on the keyboard till different choices appear on top of it.

Email Browsing Tips

When reading a protracted email, faucet the menu bar at the highest of the iPhone to scroll instantly to the highest of the page. to look at the complete url of an embedded link in an email, bit and hold the link and therefore the url and web site name can appear.

Images and Attachments Tricks

Save pictures and attachments in NetZero emails by touching and holding the image or file name. once a menu pops up, choose “Save” and therefore the file can save to your phone. do that with internal pictures embedded within the email conjointly. Take a screenshot of AN email or image at any time by pressing and holding the “Home” button so once pressing the iPhone’s “Sleep” button.

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