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NJ UI FIle continuing Claim

  • Logon to file a brand new state claim with the state of latest Jersey, or access your current claim
  • File you weekly unemployment certification with New Jersey to stay your advantages paying
  • If you wish to feature or amendment your direct deposit that your New Jersey unemployment advantages square measure paid to, logon here

If you’ve become at leisure through no fault of your own within the state of latest Jersey, you are doing have the flexibility to use for unemployment advantages which will facilitate cowl a part of the pay you were earning. as luck would have it, everything associated with your unemployment in New Jersey will be handle on-line.njuifileWith the New Jersey Department of Labor’s on-line system, you’ll open a brand new unemployment claim quickly and handily. Being out of employment is already nerve-racking enough, and making an attempt to get your unemployment advantages shouldn’t increase your stress. you’ll amendment or add an on the spot time deposit account that your New Jersey state advantages square measure paid to, logon hebdomadally to file certification with the state of latest Jersey that shows what wages you’ve earned , and even begin a fresh claim if you’ve recently lost your job.

If you’ve got been accepted and approved for unemployment advantages in New Jersey, you may ought to file a weekly certification that states you’re craving for work, and certification of any funds or wages you receive. keep in mind that New Jersey takes state fraud terribly seriously, which it’s against the law to say unemployment insurance advantages once you’re receiving alternative wages.

When it comes time to file your taxes next year, you may ought to report any unemployment advantages that you’ve received. Logon to access and print your New Jersey 1099-G kind.


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