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Parents seeking to determine paternity for child support payments will currently access Texas OAG child support to line up paternity applications on-line. The Texas OAG (Office of the lawyer General) assists folks in getting treatment and child support for his or her dependent youngsters.

Application needs

Single parents of dependent youngsters could also be inquisitive about receiving help for one among the subsequent reasons:

  • A judicial writ establishing child support payments has not been discovered
  • A parent might have a registry-only case open with the lawyer General, however would like to possess their case changed into a full-service one by establishing alternative services, like social control or modification.

It is necessary to supply copies of all orders regarding any kid United Nations agency are going to be enclosed within the case. If a parent is presently receiving payments, these payments may well be delayed if the mandatory info isn’t received.


When you Access Texas OAG child support to line up paternity application on-line, case employees can review and judge on that actions area unit acceptable for them to require. The Department can contact you if extra info is needed, to advise of hearing dates or legal actions, and to debate settlement or payment offers.

Applying to determine Paternity

Individuals have the flexibility to access Texas OAG child support to line up paternity applications on-line whereas finishing a toddler payment application. you will apply to determine paternity if the subsequent statements area unit true:

  • You are the mother of the child/children
  • The child/children presently stomach you, and you have got primary physical custody
  • You are not married to the biological father and paternity has not antecedently been established

When seeking to prove United Nations agency the daddy of your child/children is, give all info requested within the application. info must be provided on every kid concerned to possess paternity established; the workplace should have separate sets of knowledge for every kid of the alleged father(s).

Child Support Division Actions

By accessing Texas OAG child support to line up a paternity application, remember the Department can try to:

  • Find the placement of a noncustodial parent
  • Establish paternity for youngsters born outside of wedding
  • Create and impose kid and medical support orders, or review existing orders
  • Establish child support payments through financial gain withholding, tax interception, or contempt of court hearings.

Should you need any help together with your application to determine paternity or discovered child support payments, please contact the kid Support Division of the Texas OAG directly at (800) 252-8014 or visit www.oag.state.tx.us/cs/

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