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OSCN E-Payment

  • Logon to create an internet payment towards a Supreme Court case within the state of Oklahoma
  • Payment for an oklahoma Supreme Court case in will solely be created with a debit/credit card.
  • To ensure the payment is applied to it day, payments should be created by 4:30 p.m.

The state of Oklahoma offers an internet payment system that permits for fast and convenient payment of balances associated with Supreme lawsuits. Not every kind of Oklahoma Supreme lawsuits have an internet payment choice. solely crime, offense, traffic, or life cases in Oklahoma are often paid on-line. E-payment will solely be created to at least one Oklahoma Supreme Court case at a time, and therefore the case should have an impressive balance.

Oklahoma Supreme

To begin creating a payment, user should initial choose the Oklahoma county wherever the case was control, and enter the case variety. an internet search tool is provided is that this info isn’t well-known. Once the Oklahoma Supreme Court case variety is found, the party info and therefore the outstanding balance are shown. Payment for a Supreme Court case in Oklahoma will solely be created with a credit or revolving credit.

In some Oklahoma lawsuits, not all prices are often paid on-line, despite the kind of case. for instance, restitution fees and appraiser’s fees can’t be paid with a card. If a case has a vigorous and outstanding warrant, the court recommends job to create it well-known that the total balance has been paid.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court recommends creating payment before 4:30 p.m. to make sure that a payment is processed on it day. Payment created once 4:30 is also applied the subsequent business day.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court is one among the 2 highest judicial bodies in Oklahoma, and was established in 1907. There area unit presently nine judges that sit on Oklahoma’s Supreme Court.

Access OSCN And Make Online Payments On Cases

The Oklahoma Supreme Court Network (OSCN) permits you to firmly build on-line payments exploitation e-Payments service. currently it becomes straightforward to pay electronically on cases and payment plans in most well-liked District Courts of OK.


This service is obtainable in mere the counties that ar mentioned at this web site. the location can acknowledge payments just for worth that ar permissible for payment by debit card or credit card.

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