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Access and Manage Your Octapharma Citi prepaid Card

Life-saving doesn’t brook the slightest delay. after you would like plasma product during a hurry however don’t have money, the Octapharma Citi prepaid card will are available handy and you’ll simply build purchases on-line while not going away home. Meanwhile, viewing the transactions frequently in your account helps you higher track your medication exploitation conditions.Citibank-Prepaid-Card-300x300

Access and Manage Your Octapharma Citi prepaid Card directions

Using the Octapharma Citi prepaid Card to create purchases is convenient and important particularly after you would like plasma-related life-saving medicine desperately. with the exception of paying your bills on-line, you’ll additionally read your balance, check your transactions and edit your profile. To access of these services, you would like to make an internet account. These straightforward steps below can assist you to make one with solely 3 minutes.

  • Visit www.prepaid.citi.com/octapharma and click on on the “Register your card now” link if you’re a brand new user.
  • Input your 16-digit card variety on the front of your card and 3-digit security code on the rear of your card at the tip on the signature panel.
  • Press the button marked “Next” to proceed.
  • Follow the directions to complete the registration method.
  • Next time, you’ll directly log in to access all the advantages and services by inputting your username and password.

If you’re during a hurry, you’ll read them by getting into your card number and security code while not registration.

Please keep in mind to stay a watch on your card security. Don‘t give your card details to anyone unless you create contact with the Citi card service initial as they’re going to ne’er get bit with you by phone, email or message for card data. Once your card is l0st or purloined, decision 866-326-8689 within the USA or 800-774-6995 in Canada forthwith.

About Octapharma

Octapharma may be a human plasma manufacturer within the u. s.. It collects human proteins for creating life-saving medicine. Its parent company is Octapharma Ag, the biggest personal plasma product producing enterprise worldwide. because the trade leader, Octapharma AG owns manufacturing factories in 27 countries.

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