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Regent Pay

  • Simple and safe method for friends and relatives (i.e. brother, mother) to Deposit funds into a inmates Pre-Paid collect Account or Pin Debit account.
  • Customers should have an account before a payment are often delivered and payments area unit accepted over the phone or on-line with a debit or mastercard.

Regent Pay accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover credit cards (please don’t use an yank specific card) and also the minimum quantity needed to feature to a Regent Pay account is $25.00 and also the most quantity is $100.

Regent Pay Notes

  • When paying via mastercard or revolving credit the client are charged a plaguey convenience payment process fee.
  • Money orders via the United States communication system don’t incur a fee.
  • Phone privileges area unit established by every individual punitive facility and Regent pay has no management over the amount of your time or hours an inmate will use the phone at any given facility.
  • Common reason for a disconnected decision could embrace making an attempt to form a 3-way decision, stop talking while not truly hanging up, and an effort to transfer a decision in an exceedingly PBX setting.

Some of the additional fashionable jails/detention centers related to the Regent pay service include: White County prison in Searcy, AR, Irwin County prison in Ocilla, GA, Benton County Jail in Bentonville, AR (a ton of Regent pay business flows through this large jail system), and also the dangerous Cleburne County prison.

  • Another way inmates will decision their admired ones is by buying Phone Cards at their facility to form phone calls at discounted rates.
  • Please note Regent pay isn’t found out to handle commissary payments on-line at now.

Any questions about the Regent Pay service are often directed to a Regent client care agent at 877-618-3516 between the days of weekday through Fri, from 8am to 8pm or Sabbatum 10am to 6pm Central Standard Time

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