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On the fateful day, October 24, 1999, Carol Kent was woke up by a telephone call that modified her life forever. Her solely kid, Jason P. Kent, was inactive and charged with first-degree murder. Jason was a model national, an annapolis academy graduate with no previous record.  He was guilty and sentenced to life in jail while not the chance of parole.

Throughout this tough time the Kent’s eyes were opened to a world they’d no previous information of. The prison system.

Throughout their anguish the Kents discovered however difficult life are often for families of inmates and therefore the wants they need that square measure tightened to satisfy. The Kents found this population to be one in every of the foremost underprivileged individuals in society. There square measure regarding two,000 prisons within the u.  s. and over 2 million inmates, which implies there are lots of members of the family who are in desperate want of support.

Speak+Up+For+HopeCarol and factor embraced a painful state of affairs and ransomed it into an support for families of prisoners.


The Kents were target-hunting to begin a non-profit organization that addresses the requirements of families who have favourite ones behind bars in conjunction with alternative organizations. Carol and her husband factor had the insight to grasp that one organization cannot presumably meet all of the requirements families of prison inmates face.

Speak up for Hope could be a non-profit, faith based mostly organization whose vision is to assist inmates and their families befits what the Kents currently view as as “new normal”.

Their vision is to produce hope to inmates and their families through encouragement and resources.

Speak up for Hope provides required materials for education, electronic gear, acknowledgment cards, and equipment for inmates. Education consisting of faith based mostly support, relationship, parenting, cash management, and communication skills. Innovative ideas for visiting rooms, like coloring books and crayons for kids, games, and cards. Jump begin luggage for fresh discharged inmates and Boxes of Hope for ladies Ministries.

Counseling, mentoring for leading tiny teams, and workbooks are offered for inmates and their families to assist them deal with their state of affairs.

Carol Kent shares her family’s life sterilisation story in her book, after I Lay My isaac Down and has followed up with a brand new quite traditional.

When I Lay My isaac Down was written throughout the sorrowing amount of the Kent’s ordeal and a brand new quite traditional was written throughout the rebound stage of their life. Writing is Carol’s methodology of process grief. the aim of each books is to produce others in similar things the chance to search out hope. a brand new quite traditional is crammed with stories to assist readers create hope-filled decisions throughout times rather more difficult than the dream they once had for his or her future.

Unquenchable is Carol’s most up-to-date book, that she wrote to share along with her readers however staying in faith even throughout rough times will facilitate one to find purpose, joy and hope.

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