Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Pipes Are Dead, Facebook Lite Cuts the Crap

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Yahoo Kills Maps and Pipes
Yahoo is killing off each Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Pipes, further as Mail and Contacts for older devices, and a variety of homepages specific to sure countries. this can be the newest move in Marissa Mayer’s effort to contour Yahoo into a smaller, a lot of economical company created of core product individuals truly use.

The Yahoo Maps web site can disappear at the tip of June. However, Maps can still exist as a secondary service in support of Search and Flickr. Yahoo Pipes is disappearing altogether on Sept 30th, being switched to read-only mode from August 30th to “help developers migrate their data”.yahoo-mapsCountry-specific services vanishing embody Yahoo Music in France and North American country, Yahoo Movies in Kingdom of Spain, Yahoo TV within the Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Canada, and Yahoo Autos within the Great Britain, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy. additionally, Yahoo Mail can now not work on iOS four or older, and Yahoo Contacts can now not work on raincoat OS X ten.7 Lion or older.

According to Yahoo, this can be all “progress,” however the changes square measure certain to upset some users. be at liberty to air your grievances within the comments below.

Facebook lite for the Developing World

Facebook has launched a stripped down version of its android app aimed toward individuals within the developing world. Facebook lite cuts a substantial quantity of the crap few individuals ever use, and instead focuses on the core parts that almost all folks use on a everyday.facebook-lite-app

This means the “News Feed, standing updates, photos, notifications and more” square measure all enclosed, however extraneous parts like videos, games, and events square measure all stripped out. that makes Facebook fatless but 1MB in size, making certain it’s “fast to put in and fast to load”.

Facebook fatless is aimed toward users with uneven network coverage and/or restricted information quotas. ab initio on the market in countries across Asia, Facebook fatless is because of be unrolled to components of geographical area, Africa, and Europe within the coming back weeks.

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